University of Florida
2016 Presentations

Perspectiva Cultivo Tomate Industrial en la Republica Dominicana 2016
Ing. Miguel Sanchez

So Many Genomes, So Little Time:  The Future of Plant Breeding
Dr. David Francis
The Ohio State University

Genomic Selection to Breed for Resistance to Bacterial Spot of Tomato
Dr. Deb Liabeuf
The Ohio State University

The Effects of Lycopene β-Cyclase (CYC-B) Allele Introgression on Cherry Tomato Fruit Quality
Eka Sari
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) The Ohio State University

Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain
Identification - CPPSI

Dr. Phyllis Himmel
University of California at Davis

Late Blight Resistant Variety Development and Deployment Strategies to Combat Pathgoen Spread in Eastern United States
Drs. J.W. Scott, S.F. Hutton and R. Shekate-band
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
Univeristy of Florida/IFAS

Investigating the Relationship Between the I-3 Locus and Increased Bacterial Spot Sensitivity
Drs. S.F. Hutton and J. Li
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
University of Florida/IFAS

Tomato Breeding for Good Taste - Brief Review from Breeder’s Viewpoint
Junji Kimbara
United Genetics Seeds Co.

The Challenges, Successes and Future Needs of
Integrated Pest Management of Tomato-infecting
Viruses in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Robert Gilbertson
University of California Davis

Synthesizing and Trialing SucraShieldTM on the Biocontrol Generalist Predator,Green Lacewing, Chrysoperia rubfilabris
Drs. Barbara E. Liedl, Hannah M. Payne and Seth T. McCormick
West Virginia State University

Bacterial Wilt Tolerance Improvement in Tomato
Dr. Dilip R. Panthee
North Carolina State University

Country reports
South Africa Report
Southeastern U.S. Report