Revised list of near isogenic tomato lines in Moneymaker type with different genes for disease resistances.

Laterrot, H. Station d'Amelioration des Plantes Maraicheres, Domaine Saint-Maurice, 84140 Montfavet, FRANCE

genes                lines                    pedigree**
_____                _____                    __________
Ve                  Monalbo                   Loran Blood x Eclaireur x 5 

Mi                  Monita                    Anahu x Eclaireur x 5 

Ve, Mi               Montabo                  Loran Blood x Eclaireur x 5 
                                              (moneymaker) x Monita

Ve, I, I-2, Sm       Mobox                    Walter 742-R1-3-3-BK x 
                                              2 (martarum = Marmande I. 
                                              Mi) x 4 (Monalbo)

Ve, I, Mi            Mossol                   from Mobox x Monita

Ve, I, I-2, Sm, Mi   Motelle*                 from Mobox x Monita

Ve, pyl              Mogoglan                 Pannevis F1 02126K x 3 

Ve, I, Pto           Movione                  Ontario 7710 x 5 (Monalbo)

Tm-1                 Mobaci                   H.E.S. 5639-15 x Eclaireur 
                                              x 5 (Moneymaker)

Mi, Tm-1             Motaci                   from Monita x Mobaci

Ve, Frl, Tm-2        Moperou                  Moneymaker x (Saint-Pierre 
                                              x L. peruvianum PI 126929 
                                              line D4 x D5) x 2 (Saint-
                                              Pierre) x (Piertarum = 
                                              Saint Pierre, I, Mi) x
                                              (Pieralbo - Saint-Pierre Ve) 
                                              x 11 (Monalbo)

Ve, Frl, Tm-2^2      Momor                    Alexander 630818 x 2 
                                              (Moneymaker) x 13 

Ve, Frl, Tm-2^2, aa  Momor verte              from Momor x Monalbo aa = 
                                              spontaneous anthocyanin 
                                              absent mutant

Ve, Frl, Tm-1, Tm-22 Mocimor                  from Momor x Mobaci

Ve, I, I-2, Frl,     Mogeor                   from (Momor verte x 
Mi, pyl, Tm-2^2, aa                           Moboglan) x Motelle.

* Coobtention INRA-Tunisie-INRA-France 
** x(cultivar) = number of backcrosses with the specified cultivar 
Preceding list in TGC Report No. 37, 1987, p. 91.