Purple tops on green tomato fruits.

Young, P. A.

Purple stripes are common on the ripening fruits of Lycopersicon peruvianum. It as interesting to notice large prominent purple to black areas or smudges on the stem ends of many of the green fruits of hybrid tomatoes in which L. peruvianum was one ancestor. This character was most prominent in Gl367C in November 1953. This is the F3 of Stokesdale X G1219. The G1219 has the same ancestry as G1393 described for the green-jelly character (T.G.C. 2: 12, 1952). The green fruits of G1367C, 1 to 2 inches in diameter, showed prominent purpling of the epidermis on about 1/3 of the upper part of the fruit near the stem end. The epidermis was green under the calyx, and only the fruits that had been exposed to much sunshine showed the prominent purpling. The purpling became conspicuous only after the weather became cool to cold in the field of fall tomatoes. Perhaps purpling was associated with decreased growth.