University of Florida
2018 Presentations - Program Booklet

Breeding Technology
Background Genome Selection for Rapid Introgression and Evaluation of Qantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for Resistantce in Tomato to Multiple Xanthomonas spp. - Bernal

From Genomes to Breeding Decisions with GenoMagicTM - Chomet

Genomic Selection in Tomato Breeding - Francis

Innovation Focused Population Scale Genotyping and Sequencing - Weigel

Practical Insights into Phenomicsand Genomics in Plant Breeding - Carter

The rapid progress of CRISPR for targeted crop modification - Gunadi

Time-saving, cost-effective SNP genotyping strategies from LGC Genomics - Steer

Understanding Segregation Distortion and Reproductive Barriers to Improve Transfer of Traits from Solanum Pennellitto Cultivated Tomato - Liedl

Disease Resistance
A Screen of Genetically Diverse Tomato Accessions Reveals a Range of Unusual Responses - Roberts

Virus Resistance Priorities - Hutton

Fine Mapping and Candidate Gene Characterization of the Pepper Bacterial Spot Resistance Gene bs6 - Wente

Identification of a major graywallresistance locus on chromosome 9 of tomato - Lopez

Improving Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Race Three of Tomato - Chitwood-Brown

Pyramiding Resistances to Bacterial Speck and Bacterial Spot in Elite Fresh Market Tomato - Anderson

Pest Resistance
Introgression of type IV trichomesand zingibereneinto tomato from S. habrochaites, LA2329 Current status - Synder

PrebreedingTomato for Optimized Acylsugar-Mediated Insect Resistance - Mutschler

Fruit Quality
Breeding for processing tomato quality - Loewen

Fine-mapping and characterization of a novel fruit shape locus in tomato - Sierra

Fruit weight variation caused by the known FW2.2, FW3.2, FAS, and FW11.3 alleles in fresh market tomato - Shekasteband

Tomatoes, Health & the Metabolome - Cooperstone

Rootstock Research
Genetics of Tomato Rootstock Breeding genetic distance, heritability, vigor, resistance and selection strategy - Fenstenmaker

Grafting Technologies and Their Trends - Kubota

Rootstock for the computer controlled environment, an industry prospective - Ruiz

Tomato Rootstock Traits from an Industry Prospective - Zingel