A new green fleshed mutant.

Thompson, A. E. and J. P. McCollum.

Within a 1956 planting of the variety Sioux a single plant was found that fits the description of the green flesh (gf) mutant reported by E. A. Kerr in TGC 6:17. It is currently being tested by Kerr for allelism.

Pigment analyses indicate that the total production of carotenoid pigments is not impaired. Only one sample has been currently analyzed for carotenoid pigment content. A hexane extract of fully ripe fruits contained 140 ug/gram total pigment and 4.2 ug/gram beta carotene. The total pigment content was actually larger than expected in normal red tomatoes, and was within the range of the high pigment types. Absorption spectra of the hexane extract indicated that a higher content of intermediate type of pigments may be present than is usually found in fully ripe fruits of normal red tomatoes.