Carotenoids of the triple recessive, yellow-tangerine-apricot.

Jenkins, U. A. and G. Mackinney.

Subsequent to our report, Carotenoids of the Apricot tomato and its hybrids with yellow and tangerine (Genetics 40(5):715-720), we have obtained the triple recessive yellowtangerine-apricot by crossing yellow-tangerine x tangerine-apricot.

The F2 progeny showed a wide range of tangerine shades with no clearcut discontinuities. Therefore, each F2 plant vas hybridized with both parents so that the folowing year an F3 and two test crosses could be grown from each F2 plant. Among 21 successfully tested F2 plants two triple recessives (rr tt atat) were obtained.

Tangerine-apricot (tt atat), yellow-tangerine (rr tt) and yellow-tangerine-apricot (rr tt atat are reduced tangerines with prolycopene as the dominant pigment -- tangerine-apricot has the most pigment and yellow-tangerine-apricot the least. It is significant that the bottom recessive (rr tt atat) has a greater total content of pigment, than apricot (r^+^r^+ t^+^t^+ atat), yellow (rr t^+^t^+ at^+^at^+) and yellow-apricot (rr t^+^t^+ atat). The latter three have decreasing amounts of total carotenoids in that order but with beta-carotene as the dominant pigment.