Identification of the leaf mutant in Alcobaca.

Rau, G.A. and M.A. Mutschler

A series of crosses were made to determine if the leaf mutant found in the tomato line Alcobaca is allelic to any of the known tomato leaf mutants. Pollen from Alcobaca was testcrossed onto stocks homozygous for the mutants c, e, and sf. LA 511 and LA 281 from the TGC were used as sources for c and e. respectively. A line derived from a seed stock from Practical Plant Genetics Company was the source of sf. The F1 plants of each cross were grown in seedlings along with the parents. At the four leaf stage, the leaf types were compared and photographed. Results are shown in the diagrams below of the first and second true leaves of the parents and crosses. The leaf trait in Alcobaca was very similar to that produced by c, and the cross c x Alcobaca gave the same mutant leaf type. Both of the other crosses gave normal leaves in the F1. Thus, we conclude that the gene in Alcobaca is allelic to c.